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In this photoshop tutorial you will learn to do Fashion & Skin Retouching using Micro Dodge and Burn with Curve Adjustment Layers.

Free Download Photoshop Dodge Burn Action

Firstly Open a photo in photoshop. take new duplicate copy via Ctrl+j take black and white adjustment layer for check layers. check layer is nothing but to used to analyses the skin imperfections like pimples, blemishes, redness on skin. use healing brush or patch tool to remove the imperfections. Now take 2 more Curve Adjustment layers. use one curve for dodge and move the diagonal line to up side and convert the layer to black with ctrl+i. Again move diagonal line to bottom side and convert white mask to black. now take a soft round brush and apply on the dodge mask to remove the shadow on the face. Moreover use burn adjustment layer to remove highlight on the face to get proper skin retouch.

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