Steps for Fashion & Skin Photo Retouching Photoshop

Steps for Fashion & Skin Photo Retouching Photoshop

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So in this photoshop tutorial you will learn professional steps of getting your Photo Retouching in field Fashion Photography. Photo Editing and Retouching requires a lot of patience to get a perfect Photo Result. lets see this article for Editing Steps

Retouching Article Steps

Fashion & Beauty Photo Retouch Workflow in Photoshop

Read Article at Rule and Guidelines for Photo Retouching

These Are Arunz Creation Skin Retouching Workflow
1. Photo Analysis with check Layers
2, Find the bit value of the photo that is 8 bit or 16 Bit
3. Remove the Blemish and Pimples with Path Tool, Healing Brush tool, Clone Stamp tool
4. Fixing Hair, Eye, EyeBrows with Path, clone Stamp, Layer, Liquify tool
5. Fixing or changing the background
6. Micro Dodge and Burn with Adjustment Layers.
7. Controlling the Brush stroke of Brush, Mixer Brush, Eraser tool with Mouse and Wacom tablet
8. Understanding the contour and Highlight in Facial makeup
9. Frequency Separation with Photoshop Layers and apply image Command
10. Dodge and Burn with Curve Adjustment Layers
11 Color Correction using Adjustment Layers

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