How to Add Custom Sounds to Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10

How to Add Custom Sounds to Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10

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In this Minecraft Bedrock Tutorial I will show you how to add custom sounds to your Minecraft Bedrock world. Changing sounds in Minecraft Bedrock is really pretty easy if you know the right steps to make it work.

00:00 Minecraft Bedrock Custom Sounds Intro
00:37 What you need to change sounds in Minecraft Bedrock
00:54 New Folder to make sound resource pack in
01:20 Custom Pack Icon image file
01:48 Converting the new sound file into .ogg format using Audacity
03:34 Downloading a new vanilla resource pack from
04:41 The UUID Generator website
04:59 Replacing the pack_icon.png file with new custom file
05:16 Opening the manifest.json file
05:56 Editing the manifest.json file
06:30 Changing the UUID codes
07:25 Optimizing the new resource pack by removing unneeded folders
07:55 What’s inside the sounds folder
08:11 Optimizing the sounds folder
09:06 Replacing existing sounds with the new .ogg sounds
11:14 Compiling the new resource pack into a .zip format file
12:13 Renaming the new .zip file to .mcpack
12:51 Importing the new sounds resource pack
13:28 Activating the new Bedrock resource pack in Minecraft
14:00 Activating the new sounds resource pack in your Minecraft Bedrock world
14:47 Checking that the new sound is working in Minecraft Bedrock
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