Removing Dark Circles In Photoshop CC Tutorial

Removing Dark Circles In Photoshop CC Tutorial

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So in Photoshop Tutorial we will learn to remove the Dark Circle which are under eye. Tools we are using in this tutorial is Blending Modes, Clipping Layers, High Pass Filter and Brush using flow.

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Removing Dark Circle using Blending Modes in Photoshop Tutorial

As you can see in the image there are dark circles around the eyes. Let’s see how we can remove the dark circle in Photoshop Tutorial. Dark circles may be in the skin due tanning or due to the light effect whenever we are clicking the photograph.Here you will learn very easy way to remove dark circles. Firstly you need to know a few of the important tools in adobe photoshop e.g. Photoshop Layers, Clipping Layers and Mask, Blending modes, High Pass texture filter, Blending mode and clipping mask. Follow the link below how each tool is working to remove dark circle in Photoshop CC 2020

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