How To Make a Custom Minecraft Textures using

How To Make a Custom Minecraft Textures using

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In this How To Make Custom Minecraft Textures using It is easy to edit Minecraft textures in just about any graphics programs but is free so it is a very good choice and can do everything you need for Minecraft. In this Minecraft How To tutorial I show you how to edit the Iron Block into a Rusted Iron Block and then put that into an optimized resource pack which should work with any future version of Minecraft. I show you how to get for free, how to set up a texture pack, how to edit the textures, then how to add your new custom resource pack into Minecraft.

This comprehensive How To Make a Custom Texture Pack in Minecraft using tutorial takes you step-by-step through the complete process from opening Minecraft Textures clear through the creation and installation of a custom texture pack.

00:00 Make a Custom Minecraft Textures using
00:34 How to get
01:40 Getting the Minecraft Resource Pack files
02:38 How to see the file extensions for the .json and .jar files
02:54 Copying the .jar file to a new location on your hard drive – new folder
03:28 Opening the .jar file
04:15 Cleaning out the files you don’t need
05:17 What’s inside the Block and Entity folders
06:17 The pack.mcmeta and pack.png files
07:24 You can download the finished resource pack from my website
07:43 Where to find the Iron Block texture file
08:06 The texture file in
08:39 Increasing the detail by doubling the resolution
09:21 Adding a Brown color layer
10:29 Editing pixels on the image
12:56 Adding in a Texture file as a new layer
13:58 Blending the layers together
14:34 Saving the file for use in the texture pack
16:08 Looking at the saved files in the block folder
16:56 Compiling the resource pack using 7-zip and winrar
17:56 Placing the new resource pack into Minecraft
19:16 Activating the new resource pack
20:01 Checking out the new block texture in Minecraft
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