Minecraft Netherite Armor Update 20w10a – New Way to Craft Netherite Armor

Minecraft Netherite Armor Update 20w10a – New Way to Craft Netherite Armor

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Netherite Armor is the best armor you can get, way better than Diamond. Netherite always wins in a Minecraft Netherite vs Diamond comparison. In this Minecraft Update 20w10a video I show you the new way to craft Netherite Armor, plus a review of how to find Ancient Debris, how to smelt that into Netherite Scrap, how to Craft the Netherite Scrap into Netherite Ingots which you will need to make Netherite Armor, how to make Netherite Sword, and Netherite Tools.

00:00 Minecraft Netherite Armor Update Intro
00:21 New Netherite Armor Texture
00:48 You can no longer craft Netherite Armor in the Crafting Table
01:07 You now craft Netherite Armor in the Smithing Table
01:16 Netherite Armor Recipe in the Smithing Table
01:51 Crafting Recipe for the Smithing Table
02:30 Fast Review of steps to get Netherite
02:51 Where to find Ancient Debris
03:26 What Ancient Debris looks like in the wild
04:07 The Crafting sequence to turn Ancient Debris into Netherite Ingot
05:09 Netherite Armor Final Thoughts
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