Minecraft Nether 1.16 Update Warped Forest Biome – Is it safe?

Minecraft Nether 1.16 Update Warped Forest Biome – Is it safe?

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One of the new Biomes in Minecraft 1.16 is the Warped Forest, a relatively safe biome. This is where you will find the blue colored materials, the warped stems, warped nylium, warped fungus, warped wart blocks, and more.

00:00 Warped Forest Minecraft Intro
00:29 What the Warped Forest looks like
00:47 The Warped Forest Biome is the safest Nether Biome
01:24 Warped Forest on side of cliffs
02:02 Warped Nylium Ground
02:24 Warped Wart Blocks
02:52 Warped Fungus
03:02 How to Grow Warped Fungus into Warped Trees
03:58 Warped Fungus will only grow on Warped Nylium
04:17 Nether Sprouts
04:26 Warped Roots
04:39 Warped Spores
04:57 Warped Forest “Trees” act like any other wood
05:30 Warped Forest Review
05:56 Shroomlights
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