How to Optimize a Custom Minecraft Resource Pack

How to Optimize a Custom Minecraft Resource Pack

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Using Custom Minecraft Reaource Packs and texture packs really adds more fun to the game but making just one resource pack is only part of the technique. In this video I show you how to optimize a resource pack and then how to use several resource packs at the same time to better organize your custom skins, textures, sounds. This Minecraft Custom Resource Pack tutorial is demonstrated in Minecraft 1.15 but applies to other versions of Minecraft as well.

00:00 How to Optimize a Custom Minecraft Resource Pack Intro
00:31 Why you would want to optimize a custom resource pack
01:35 Looking at an optimized resource pack
03:15 Setting up to optimize a resource pack
04:19 Removing unneeded content from the custom resource pack
05:05 How to leave working files in the texture folders
05:34 Deleting unneeded textures from the blocks folder
06:23 Only the changed files are left
06:49 Updating the pack.mcmeta file
07:11 Skipping the pack.png file to show what happens if that is not included
07:30 Compiling the optimized resource pack using 7-zip
08:02 Adding the resource pack into the resource pack folder in Minecraft
09:11 Adding the new resource pack to the active stack
09:50 Running Minecraft to check that the stacked resource packs are working correctly
10:53 Organizing your resources into separate resource packs
11:36 Optimized resource packs and updates
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