Minecraft Update 2020 Nether Snapshot 20w06a – New 1.16 Nether Biomes and Blocks

Minecraft Update 2020 Nether Snapshot 20w06a – New 1.16 Nether Biomes and Blocks

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In this Minecraft Update 2020 I show you the new Nethter update which is our first look at Minecraft 1.16. A lot of things still don’t work correctly in this first of the 1.16 snapshots but the new Biomes are here along with the new Blocks and even the Hoglins.

00:00 Minecraft Update 2020 20w06a Intro
00:34 How to install the new Minecraft Update Snapshot
03:17 First launch of new game
03:25 Looking at the Nether Wastes Biome (original Nether)
03:55 Have to hunt for new Biomes
04:08 The 4 Nether Biomes
04:30 New Blocks in the Nether
05:51 New Lighting Sources
07:09 New Rare Blocks Netherite and Ancient Debris
08:05 Looking at all the new Blocks
09:37 Going into a Crimson Forest
10:20 Shroomlights and Weeping Vines
10:41 The Hoglin
11:46 Torch and Lantern glitch
12:04 New look for stacked walls
12:43 Minecraft Update 2020 Nether Biome review
13:34 Upcoming video on Netherite
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