Peeled Typography Paper Cutout GIMP 2020 Tutorial

Peeled Typography Paper Cutout GIMP 2020 Tutorial

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In this GIMP graphic design tutorial, I show you how to create what I’m calling a “peeled” typography effect. This is because the text looks like it has been cut out of a piece of paper, then peeled back to reveal another photo below. The peeled, paper lettering has realistic shadows cast on the composition, as well as beveled edges around the cutout area to mimic realistic curling of paper.

I show you how to add text with the text tool, create cutout shapes using layer masks, make the cutouts look realistic with bevel and emboss effects, and add shading and shadows using layers and filters.

This is a great advanced tutorial covering many free features found in this free program, though I have made it easy to follow for any skill level (including beginners).

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