Minecraft Automatic Furnace – Minecraft Furnace Hopper Design Automatic Smelting

Minecraft Automatic Furnace – Minecraft Furnace Hopper Design Automatic Smelting

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How to set up an automatic smelting station using a Furnace and Hopper array. This is a great early game bit of automation that can make smelting iron for tools and armor so much easier. It is also a great way to smelt Cobblestone back into Stone and Smooth Stone for building projects

00:00 Minecraft Automated Furnace Intro
00:30 Uses for Automated Furnace
01:16 Basic Automated Furnace Design
02:37 Hopper Crafting Recipe
03:18 Placing the Bottom Chest
03:24 Placing the Furnace
03:28 Connect Furnace to Output Chest with Hopper
03:59 Placing the Ore Chest and Hopper above the Furnace
04:14 Placing the Fuel Chest and Hopper on the left side
04:43 Adding Ore to the top Chest
05:17 Adding Fuel to left side Chest
06:35 Minecraft Automated Furnace Review
07:03 Like, Share, Subscribe

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