Minecraft Lighting Ideas – Street Lamp Daylight Sensor Path Lights

Minecraft Lighting Ideas – Street Lamp Daylight Sensor Path Lights

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How to make working Minecraft Street Lights and Path Lamps with Daylight Sensors. Includes full Crafting Recipes for all necessary parts to make a complete exterior lighting system.

00:00 Minecraft Street Lights and Path Lamps Intro
00:51 Looking at Path Lights and Daylight Sensor
01:16 Street Light and Lamp Post Design Idea
01:32 Exterior Porch Light
01:54 Trap Doors as Light Decoration
02:43 Going to the Savanna Biome for Acacia Wood
03:43 Special Materials Required
04:04 Going to the Nether for Glowstone Dust and Quartz Crystals
05:21 Crafting Recipe for a Lantern
05:42 Crafting Recipe for Iron Nuggets
05:52 Crafting Recipe for Fences
06:21 Crafting Recipe for Daylight Detector
07:12 Crafting Recipe for Glowstone
07:19 Crafting Recipe for Redstone Lamp
07:36 Crafting Recipe for Trap Door
08:36 Making a Path Lamp
09:34 Activating the Daylight Detector
09:51 Looking at the Lamp Post
10:13 Setting up a Wall Lantern
10:33 Minecraft Street Lights and Path Lighting final thoughts
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