How to Make a Minecraft Redstone Lamp design with Switch – Redstone Lamp Crafting Recipe tutorial

How to Make a Minecraft Redstone Lamp design with Switch – Redstone Lamp Crafting Recipe tutorial

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How to craft a Minecraft Redstone Lamp and operate it with a wall switch. This is a basic Redstone project that can add some fun lighting to a house build. This is an expansion on my previous tutorial on making an Armor Stand Glowstone Lamp. I demonstrate how to build a basic floor lamp and then how to set up a more complicated porch lamp with a wall switch inside.

00:00 Minecraft Redstone Lamp Survival Mode Intro
00:51 Comparing the Redstone Lamp to the Glowstone Lamp
01:25 Redstone Lamp Crafting Recipe
01:44 Lever Crafting Recipe
01:54 Demonstrating the basic way Redstone Lamps work
03:18 How to connect a Lever to a Redstone Lamp using Redstone Dust (wire)
05:32 Redstone Lamp as Entry Way Lighting
05:59 The Problem with hiding Redstone Wire
06:57 Making a Thick Wall to hide Redstone Wire
07:26 Connecting the Wall switch to the Redstone Wire run
07:57 Hiding the Redstone Wire run outside
08:48 Connecting the Redstone Wire run to the Redstone Lamp
09:08 Hiding the Redstone Wire run inside
10:13 The Working Redstone Lamp Entry Way Light
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How to Make an Armor Stand Lamp with Glowstone

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