How to Make a Minecraft Armor Stand Lamp design in Survival Mode – Crafting Recipe tutorial

How to Make a Minecraft Armor Stand Lamp design in Survival Mode – Crafting Recipe tutorial

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How to build a working and attractive Minecraft Lamp from Armor Stands and a Glowstone using special Armor Stand tricks and a Piston trick. Includes a crafting recipe for the armor stand, smooth stone slab, piston, glowstone, lever. Use this neat Minecraft Interior Trick to really add some fun to your Minecraft House. To keep things realistic this whole tutorial is demonstrated in Minecraft Survival Mode.

00:00 Minecraft Armor Stand Lamp Survival Mode Intro
00:40 Armor Stand Lamp basic setup
01:22 List of Supplies needed
01:43 Making the Armor Stands
01:58 Smelting Smooth Stone in a Furnace
02:57 Crafting Smooth Stone Slabs – crafting recipe
03:10 Crafting the Armor Stand – crafting recipe
03:56 Armor Stands follow Gravity – stacking Armor Stands
04:47 Making the Armor Stand base for the lamp
05:41 Getting the Glowstone Dust from the Nether
06:36 Crafting a Glowstone from Glowstone Dust – crafting recipe
06:46 Placing the Glowstone into position
07:24 Mining Iron Ore and Redstone Dust
08:15 Smelting Iron Ore into Iron Ingots in the Furnace
08:34 Crafting the Piston – crafting recipe
09:13 Placing the Piston
09:56 Crafting a Lever – crafting recipe
10:13 Placing the Lever
10:18 Basic Armor Stand Lamp setup review
10:29 Activating the Piston with the Lever
10:49 The Finished Armor Stand Lamp with Glowstone
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