How to Craft Basic Tools and Farming to Make Bread in Minecraft Survival Mode Crafting Recipe

How to Craft Basic Tools and Farming to Make Bread in Minecraft Survival Mode Crafting Recipe

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In this basic Minecraft tutorial I show you how to craft tools and then how to set up a wheat farm and harvest that for making bread. Everyone needs Tools in Minecraft and they are very easy to craft once you get the basics together. Plus having a good supply of bread is the easiest way to gather a basic food supply. I cover all of that in this Basic Minecraft video tutorial.

00:00 How to Craft Tools and Make Bread in Minecraft Intro
00:47 Gathering Wood for Starter Tools
02:00 Crafting Wood Planks and Sticks from Wood
02:43 Recipe for a Crafting Table
03:23 Gathering more Wood for a Crafting Table
04:08 Making the Crafting Table
04:34 Working with the Crafting Table to Craft Basic Wooden Tools
06:02 Mining Cobblestone with a Wooden Axe
06:46 Crafting Stone Tools
07:34 Crafting a Furnace with Cobblestone
08:11 Gathering Seeds
08:47 Planting Wheat
09:18 Harvesting Wheat and Seeds
09:35 Gathering More Wood to Make Charcoal
10:06 Using the Furnace to Convert Wood into Charcoal for later use
10:27 Harvesting some more Wheat to make Bread
11:15 Wheat Recipe for the Crafting Table
11:40 Review of new items
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