How to Move a Bee Nest with Silk Touch – How to Enchant an Axe

How to Move a Bee Nest with Silk Touch – How to Enchant an Axe

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In this final video in my Enchanting Table series I show you how to get the Silk Touch Enchantment and apply it to an axe so that we can finally move that Bee Nest.

00:43 Move Bee Nest with Silk Touch Intro
01:16 Enchanting Table Plan of Action
01:53 How to Enchant a Tool using the Enchanting Table
02:46 How to Enchant a Book using the Enchanting Table
03:26 How to Remove Enchantments using the Grinding Stone
04:41 Applying the Silk Touch Enchantment to an Axe
05:11 Going to the Bee Nest
05:30 Putting a Campfire Under a Bee Nest to Calm the Bees
06:18 How to Get the Move Bee Nest Advancement
06:35 Breaking a Bee Nest with Silk Touch to get the Bee Nest
06:46 Moving the Bee Nest
07:06 Placing the Bee Nest in its New Location
07:32 Final Thoughts on Moving a Bee Nest
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