How to Change Minecraft Background Music – Minecraft 1.15

How to Change Minecraft Background Music – Minecraft 1.15

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In this tutorial I show you how to change Minecraft background music. This requires a new music file, converted to the .ogg format and a new Custom Resource Pack. For more in-depth discussion of Resource Packs and Sound files take a look at the videos listed below

00:28 How to Change Minecraft Background Music Intro
00:49 The Background Music Folders and File Names Needed
01:42 Setting up for new Custom Resource Pack
02:10 Getting the current .jar file using %appdata%
02:43 Finding the correct Minecraft Version to work from
03:12 Copying the jar file over to your working folder
03:50 Extract the contents of the jar file using 7-zip or WinRAR
04:22 Copying out the assets folder to your working folder
04:55 pack.mcmeta and pack.png files
06:18 Setting up the Music Folder Structure
08:22 Using Audacity to convert the mp3 music file to .ogg format
09:39 Copying the new .ogg file to the needed music file names
10:35 Compiling the new Resource Pack using 7-zip and WinRAR
12:09 Copying the new Resource Pack into Minecraft
12:52 Activating the new Resource Pack
13:33 Final Thoughts on How to Change Minecraft Background Music
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Custom Minecraft 1.15 Resource Pack

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