How to Find Bees Nest in Minecraft – I Show You Where You Can Find Buzzy Bees

How to Find Bees Nest in Minecraft – I Show You Where You Can Find Buzzy Bees

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I show you where I found my First Bees Nest and then how to Find Bees Nest in Minecraft . In this video I show you the five Bees Nests I found, plus I show you exactly what I look for when looking for Bees and Bees Nests. Also what do to first when you find your Bees, how to Breed the Bees, Plant more Flowers, and give them more places to hang out. If you want to see where you can actually find Bees in the wild then follow me on this quick adventure.

00:24 How to Find Bees Nest in Minecraft Intro
00:34 Where I found my first Bees Nest
01:10 Where I found my second Bees Nest
01:23 Find Bees Nest in Plains
01:58 Where I found my third Bees Nest
02:20 Where I found my fourth Bees Nest
03:07 How I find Bees Nests, Where to Look
04:06 Searching for Bees
04:26 Looking in Plains for Bees Nest
04:52 Finding the Next Bees Nest
05:27 What to do when you find a Bees Nest
05:43 Plant a lot of Flowers
06:09 Placing a Beehive
06:15 Breed Bees with Flowers – Right Click
06:36 Place a Campfire under Beehive to Collect Honey
07:02 Where did the Bees go?
07:19 Bees Nests are Far Apart
07:55 Last Look at Where to Find Bees
08:42 Check out my Survival Mode Bees video for how to Breed, and Move to a Greenhouse –
09:01 Here’s the Link
09:04 Flying Back Home
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