Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator Tutorial How to Change the Look of Your Character Skin

Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator Tutorial How to Change the Look of Your Character Skin

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The New Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator makes it easy and fun to give your Character a new look, simply by making choices from thumbnails. If you ever wanted to change the look or skin of your Minecraft Bedrock Character now you can, with no texture files to edit, no resource packs to make. Simply use the Character Creator and make a whole new you.

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0:29 Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator Intro
0:51 Launching the Character Creator
1:04 Classic Skins vs Character Creator
1:11 Classic Skins Options
1:39 Switching to the Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator
1:44 The Two Sections of the Character Creator
2:11 Using the Body Section to Change Basic Colorization and Texture
3:08 Customizing the Different Body Parts
5:25 Changing the Size of Your Body Height and Arm Size
6:03 Using the Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator Style Section to Change Clothes
6:30 Downloading a Character Creator Free Shirt
7:28 Masks and Other Headgear
8:58 Final Look from the Character Creator
9:02 Switching Between Character Looks
9:24 Buying Pre-Built Full Outfits in Character Creator
10:33 Switching Between Character Creator and Classic Skins Looks
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