How to Find Bees and Collect Honey in Minecraft 1.15 Survival Mode, And I Get STUNG!

How to Find Bees and Collect Honey in Minecraft 1.15 Survival Mode, And I Get STUNG!

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Minecraft 1.15 Final Version is here and so is the final version of Minecraft Bees. So, here is where to find Bees, how to safely collect honey and honeycomb, how to set up a Greenhouse, how to make a Beehive, how to lead your Bees to your new Greenhouse, and how to Breed Bees so that you will have enough. Plus! I show what happens when you get STUNG!!!

0:26 Minecraft Bees Survival Mode Intro
0:42 Bee Supplies List
1:31 Where to Find Minecraft Bees
2:39 Getting Stung – on purpose
3:25 When Bees Die
4:15 Recover from Bee Sting
4:53 Breeding Bees
5:26 Bees Still Getting Stuck
5:56 Crafting Bee Collecting Supplies
7:48 Safely Harvest Honey
9:20 Basic Greenhouse Design
11:11 Collect Honeycomb from Bee Nest
11:47 Making a Beehive
12:12 Set Up Beehive
13:10 Leading Bees to Greenhouse
14:19 Breeding Bees in Greenhouse
14:46 Bees Really are Peaceful

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