5 EASY Steps to Create a REALISTIC Line Drawing From a Photo In Photoshop

5 EASY Steps to Create a REALISTIC Line Drawing From a Photo In Photoshop

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Pencil Drawing from a photo in Photoshop.

You will create this line drawing effect using 5 easy-to-follow steps!

Not only will you learn to transform photos into pencil drawings, you will also learn about transformations, filters, smart objects, blending modes, and more!

📘 INDEX – How To Create a Pencil Drawing From a Photo In Photoshop – Line Drawing Effect

00:34 – Step 01 – Extract the background from the foreground.
02:50 – Step 02 – Convert the Photo into a Smart Object
03:39 – Step 03 – Create the Main Line Drawing Effect
06:00 – Step 04 – Use the Charcoal Filter to Add Shading.
08:56 – Step 05 – Use the Find Edges Filter to Add Lines.
12:55 – Bonus: Fine Tune The Image &
17:34 – Bonus: Smart Object Trick
18:57 Bonus: Create Line Paper

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