How to Change COLORS of Anything WITHOUT any SELECTION | Photoshop Tutorial

Everyone has a photoshop project where they have to change color of an object, and there are many methods and tricks you can use but most of them involve selecting the object you are trying to change color of.

Its kind of silly, because there are few option in photoshop that allow us to to do it without any selection and final output is just as good.

Still keep in mind that its a photoshop trick or shortcut. Means its not full proof, there will be times where this trick won’t work. Or in some situation you will have to do little masking but that is still lot faster than making selections.

I tried to include 4 different images shot in totally different environment, so i can demonstrate power of this effect.

Hope you learn something from this photoshop tutorial, have a good day ­čÖé


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