LIVE Q&A | The Best Order for Retouching and Sharpening

Watch highlights using the timestamps below. We went LIVE for an entire week to celebrate one year since we launched our PHLEARN PRO subscription! This is our third episode which aired May 15th, 2018.

18:03 When you sharpen a picture at full size and then you decide you want to post it on the web, do you sharpen, resize and sharpen again or do you you sharpen the smaller picture from scratch? – Julia from Argentina
0:28:06 Do you have an order you do for portrait retouching? – Val from Cheyenne, Wyoming
0:33:36 Ethics of retouching? – Aaron and Shiree
0:54:34 What is the fastest way to remove the background of images keeping only the main subject (the vase)? – Thales from Miami, Florida
1:07:00 How do you reduce the very bright parts of a photo like the sun in a sunset? – James from Adelaide, Australia
1:22:03 What’s the best way to get the skin tones to look natural? – Kai from Germany
1:36:32 How would you remove the distracting object behind her head? What is your thought process about switching to black and white? – Kevin from Los Angeles, California
1:54:25 What in your opinion is the best method for dodging and burning portraits? – Jason from Cape Town, South Africa
2:01:33 How do you create a unique and identifiable look to your photos like Brandon Woelfel? – Bethanie from Richmond, Virginia