How to Make Great Videos Part 4 | Fixing Common Audio Issues

In the fourth episode of this 6-part series, Adobe Principal Evangelist Jason Levine explains how to fix common encountered audio issues. This includes showing you how to use Loudness auto-matching, to easily and efficiently controls dialogue levels across multiple speakers; reduce noise, hum, rumble and sibilance, correct and repair digital distortions and clipped audio, reduce and repair troubling wind-noise recordings, and lastly, the ability to dynamically re-compose any music track to be any length with Audition’s REMIX feature.

Find timestamped chapters below:

01:13 Essential Sound Panel and DIALOGUE MIXING
03:21 What is Room Tone?
04:24 Setting the Audio workspace for Essential Sound
06:10 Loudness Auto-Matching (to even-out speaking levels)
08:24 The REPAIR section (DeNoise, DeRumble, DeHum, DeEss)
09:54 Clarity – Applying Compression to the Voice
12:58 Attack the rumble! (with Reduce Rumble)
14:56 Apply subtle Noise Reduction (with Reduce Noise)
17:20 Re-create the Room Sound (Creative Reverb)
19:28 More control in the Effects Controls (more presets, advanced options for Clip effects)
21:58 Adjusting Room Ambience manually, Wet/Dry balancing
23:30 Final mix of dialogue & room, denoised, derumbled, room added back in
24:37 Sending Audio clips/sequences to Audition for more detailed repair
25:36 Fixing digitally clipped/over-modulated/distorted audio
28:57 The Diagnostics Panel and the DeClipper
34:05 How to Remove Sounds (like a siren, or other unwanted noises)
34:58 Explaining the Spectral Frequency Display
37:28 Holding down Shift while ‘Painting’ your selection (for multiple selections at once)
40:05 Repairing/attenuating Wind Noise issues
43:59 Marquee-select and deleting unwanted (specific) frequencies
46:06 REMIX – Dynamically re-compose/re-edit music to fit any duration…automatically
46:43 Setting the Essential Audio workspace
47:33 Readjusting duration with Remix
48:39 Properties Panel for more remix options

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