Craig Winslow – Adobe Creative Resident – Live on Twitch

The Adobe Creative Residency – – supports the creative community and honors individuals whose work elevates the role of visual content in our culture. The program gives talented creative individuals the opportunity to explore their passion and process by focusing on a personal creative project for one full year.

With a background in multimedia and 3D design, Craig Winslow of Portland, Oregon spent the past few years building his own studio and creating interactive work for clients. His Kickstarter project, Projecting West, inspired his latest idea of recreating ghost signs across the U.S. using “Light Capsules” and historical references. The goal of the project is to draw attention to the lettering artists of the past and create various ways for people to interact with these pieces of history, in person and online. Craig’s work has been featured in The Creators Project, Core77, Gizmodo, and more.