Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create 3-D Text with Deep, Dramatic Shadows

Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial showing how to create simple, but powerful 3-D text with deep, dramatic shadows.

Pricedown Black font:

In-depth 3-D tutorial:

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If your 3-D &/or lighting effects aren’t available or they’re grayed out, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

3-D is only available in EXTENDED versions of Photoshop CS5 & CS6 and in all versions of CC.

Windows XP does NOT support 3-D & Open GL.

Operating systems may require the latest Service Pack update.

Some video cards may not be powerful enough to drive 3-D & other GPU-accelerated tasks in Photoshop. In those cases, GPU acceleration will be automatically turned off by Photoshop.

Your Graphics processor may need to be enabled. Go to Edit – Preferences – Performance – “Use Graphics Processor” box should be checked.

3-D does not work on 32-bit operating systems.

In 64-bit Mac OS, run Photoshop in 32-bit mode.

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