How To See Whats Wrong Wtih Your Photo – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

How To See Whats Wrong Wtih Your Photo – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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See an amazing image as a work in progress, and help to complete it. This is an opportunity FEW people have. I am going to teach you the right way to critique a photo, and reward you for doing a great job!

Why Critique is a Great Thing

Today I am doing something I have NEVER DONE before. I am showing you a photo I am NOT DONE with. I feel that offering one of my images for critique first opens the door to a good atmosphere around critique. I am experienced in the world of critique, having gone through 4 years of it while earning my Bachelors in Industrial Design. Basically we put our work n a wall with thumb tacks, then everyone proceeded to tell us what was wrong with it. This was hard for me to take in the beginning, but after I realized what a difference the process can make, I was all in!

Here is the Contest

You have 1 week to look at my image, and figure out what doesn’t work. Post a reply to this episode on exactly what bothers you, and how you feel I could make it better. The BEST 5 responses to this contest will be credited in the creation of this photo, and your names & links placed on Flickr, Phlearn, and in my publications. I take your advice very seriously, and I value you being a part of the process.

Some Things To Keep In Mind.

Be Specific – Vague comments produce vague results. Try something like this – “The placement of the fog in the top right seems a bit distracting, darkening it may help”
We Are Not Trolls – Be , This is not a place to just be mean to people. Offering what is wrong with a photo is great, as long as you can give advice on how to help.
Be Honest – This is not a place for feelings and pride. This is a place to get better, and a person offering their work for critique needs to understand that.
One day you will be on the other side – So don’t piss everyone off. .


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